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Need help?

March 9th, 2007

This week must be my web-assistance week.

Adam Groves was having a problem with CSS, layered DIVs, and IE. A deadly web combination. Anyway, I was able to offer some assistance that proved helpfull. His site looks awesome. You should check it out. And lets face it, I love cookies.

While looking around the web for an email address, I came across a problem with the administrative website for Nashville radio host Steve Gill. His site, the Gill Report, wasn’t protecting the administrative interface. Like at all. As in you just browse to it and you’re in (edit posts, send emails, manage email list, etc). It occurred to me that this might not be the desired functionally. I emailed Steve to let him know that he should probably fix it. I didn’t look really close, but it seems to be taken care of.

Need any help with your website? Let me know, this seems to be my week.

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