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Impressions of Microsoft and Google

November 18th, 2008

Let’s talk about Microsoft. Let’s talk about how we feel about Microsoft.

Large. Prevailing. Controlling? Invasive. Driving. Organized.

They come across as a large organization that wants to impress you with its largeness and organizationess. They will do what it takes to make their products needed or required.

What about Google? Let’s talk about how we feel about Google.

Now, I don’t really mind that Google is a large controlling, all-invasive, monopoly-wannabe. I have warm fuzzy thoughts about Google. I don’t use everything they make but I try just about everything they put out.

Google is the kid in my neighborhood that made it big. He set out to do something really well and did it. Even at the top, he still has some of that underdog charm.

But what’s the real difference between Microsoft and Google? Impression, mostly. They both have critical, pervasive primary products. Both have scores of emerging products with lots of promise. My impression of them is different. For Microsoft, it’s as if they went about their business growing it, expanding it, doing whatever it took to make them #1 without really thinking about how they were being perceived.

Perception is reality. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

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