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March 13th, 2007

Frederick Herzberg did a study on employee motivation in the 1950s and 1960s.  His conclusions are worth pointing out.  He made an important distinction: there are things that motivate employees and there are things that de-motivate employees but they can (and usually are) different things.  You can also say that the lack of motivational items don’t cause a person to be unmotivated.  Conversely, the lack of de-motivating items does not cause motivation.  They are separate ideas.

The things to Maximize (motivators):

Recognition for Achievement
Work Itself

The things to Minimize (de-motivators):

Company Policy
Interpersonal Relationships
Working Conditions

The article appeared in the Harvard Business Review (“One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?“, January – February 1968).  You can read an interesting take on these ideas here:


Need help?

March 9th, 2007

This week must be my web-assistance week.

Adam Groves was having a problem with CSS, layered DIVs, and IE. A deadly web combination. Anyway, I was able to offer some assistance that proved helpfull. His site looks awesome. You should check it out. And lets face it, I love cookies.

While looking around the web for an email address, I came across a problem with the administrative website for Nashville radio host Steve Gill. His site, the Gill Report, wasn’t protecting the administrative interface. Like at all. As in you just browse to it and you’re in (edit posts, send emails, manage email list, etc). It occurred to me that this might not be the desired functionally. I emailed Steve to let him know that he should probably fix it. I didn’t look really close, but it seems to be taken care of.

Need any help with your website? Let me know, this seems to be my week.

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Governor Mitt Romney

March 6th, 2007

We were able to see Governor Mitt Romney today. This is the first presidential candidate I have seen in person this cycle. It was an interesting event. The room was medium sized with a small stage at the far end and a buffet line on the right. I would say it was well attended, maybe about 100 people.

The Event – it really had the feel of a fund-raiser, but still a meet and greet. They asked for money on more than one occasion and asked that you encourage family and friends to contribute. The buffet was surprisingly good for a political event.

The People – I was a little surprised by who was (and wasn’t) there. Only a few past and present elected officials and all of them were openly supporting him. Almost all of Jimmy Duncan’s staff was there (including his son). I was a little surprised to see a few high-dollar Bryant contributers.

The Man – perhaps my expectations were too high, but I wasn’t overwhelming impressed. He didn’t have an impressive way about him and yet he didn’t come across as an ordinary guy. Jenny put it best: he’s a business executive. Thats really how he came off to me. It was like meeting the CEO of your company. I just realized that he wasn’t very charismatic and when he was, it was almost like he knew he should be. He was a pretty good speaker. When answering questions, he tended to ramble a bit. That could be his lawyer side coming out. One other thing I noticed: his back and shoulders were rigid when he was speaking (sometimes when he walked, too).
He had a very even pace, not too fast or too slow.

Of Interest – When asked about his record on Pro-Life issues and rather or not he has flip-flopped in the past on it, he gave an interesting answer. He said that he has never flip-flopped on the issues and has always been personally Pro-Life. He said that when he has run for public office his position was that of enforcing the current law (as he said, “effectively pro-choice”). But, he said, that changed about 2 years ago when the issue of cloning was being debated in his state. He told a story about meeting with an expert that didn’t think there wasn’t a moral issue at debate since they would destroy the embryo at 14 days. He said he decided that he had to take a stand for the protection of life and wrote an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe about it and his position. He likened his decision to that of Ronald Regan and George HW Bush, who, he said, had also rethought their position on the issue.

Most Interesting – I would have to say it was a conversation with one of Governor Romney’s senior adviser. According to him, the Haslam’s have been a great help. With Bill Frist out of the presidential race and the Haslam reputation for fund-raising, it could make a big difference who they support.

Last Note – there was one comment I heard over and over: Mitt Romney was elected governor of the liberial state of Massachusetts as a republican. The implication was that he could win over democrats. Is this true? Who knows. It will be interesting to see how the campaigns try to distinguish themselves in the coming months.